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  • Human Resource

    HR Strategy


    Start from the development strategy and business requirements of AVIC INTL Beijing; set up strategic human resource management system; set up a talent training, selecting, using, evaluating, and motivating mechanism that is people-oriented and fits the development requirements of AVIC INTL Beijing; stimulate enthusiasm and creativity of talents and build a professional and highly efficient world-class talent team that identifies with the core ideas of AVIC INTL Beijing.

    First, to build talent training and introducing system, strengthen talent echelon construction and train back-up cadres; second, to establish a system for improving the leading capacity and competency and constantly enhance capacity and quality of cadres and employers; third, to straighten out position system and rank system, clarify office-taking standards and set up employee development channel; fourth, to perfect performance evaluation and salary and welfare system, enhance assessment effectiveness and give full play to the motivating role.

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