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  • Petrochemical Engineering

    With our leading advantage in financing and trade services, AVIC INTL Beijing has developed multiple petrochemical projects in the Middle East, West Africa and South America. We offer holistic solutions for financing, engineering, procurement, integration of equipment, civil engineering, installation, commissioning, after-sales services, as well as plant operation and management.

    AVIC INTL Beijing handles projects involving petroleum and gas refining, LNG, GTO, MTO, MTP, pipelines, and oil terminals. We have leading experts in petro-chemical industry and top talents in financing and project management. We play an active role in the export of oil and gas drilling equipment, pipelines, petro?chemical equipment and spare parts. We also import and export chemicals such as methanol, ethylene glycol, sulphur, high-density polyethylene, and coking coal.

    EPC Contracting and Financing of Petrochemical Projects

    Over the years, AVIC INTL Beijing has accumulated a wide range of resources in the global market. We build a win-win business model and long-term strategic partnership with Chinese design institutes, machinery manufacturers and European patent owners. Meanwhile, we work with customers and financial institutions to establish new finance models for individual projects.


    Holistic EPCF solutions:

    ? Design Management

    ? Procurement

    ? Site Management

    ? Installation and commissioning

    ? Quality and quantity control

    ? Health, safety and environment management

    ? Expediting and progress reporting

    ? Financing Portfolio

    Export of Petrochemical Equipment and Spare Parts

    Scope of supply: drilling and well completion equipment, extraction and transportation equipment, well head and underground equipment and tools, other oil and gas extraction equipment, i.e. drilling rigs, workover rigs, oil pumps, Christmas tree, drill bits, drill pipe and casing, and gas pipelines.


    One-stop technology and trade service:

    ? Reliable suppliers

    ? High-quality products

    ? Efficient transportation

    ? Professional support

    ? Exceptional after-sales service

    ? Quality control

    ? Short-term export insurance


    Import and Export of Chemicals

    Methanol, ethylene glycol, sulphur, high-density polyethylene, coking coal, etc.

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