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    • Petrochemical Engineering

      With our leading advantage in financing and trade services, AVIC INTL Beijing has developed multiple petrochemical projects in the Middle East, West Africa and South America. We offer holistic solutions for financing, engineering, procurement, integration of equipment, civil engineering, installation, commissioning, after-sales services, as well as plant operation and management.

      AVIC INTL Beijing handles projects involving petroleum and gas refining, LNG, GTO, MTO, MTP, pipelines, and oil terminals. We have leading experts in petro-chemical industry and top talents in financing and project management. We play an active role in the export of oil and gas drilling equipment, pipelines, petro?chemical equipment and spare parts. We also import and export chemicals such as methanol, ethylene glycol, sulphur, high-density polyethylene, and coking coal.

      EPC Contracting and Financing of Petrochemical Projects

      Over the years, AVIC INTL Beijing has accumulated a wide range of resources in the global market. We build a win-win business model and long-term strategic partnership with Chinese design institutes, machinery manufacturers and European patent owners. Meanwhile, we work with customers and financial institutions to establish new finance models for individual projects.


      Holistic EPCF solutions:

      ? Design Management

      ? Procurement

      ? Site Management

      ? Installation and commissioning

      ? Quality and quantity control

      ? Health, safety and environment management

      ? Expediting and progress reporting

      ? Financing Portfolio

      Export of Petrochemical Equipment and Spare Parts

      Scope of supply: drilling and well completion equipment, extraction and transportation equipment, well head and underground equipment and tools, other oil and gas extraction equipment, i.e. drilling rigs, workover rigs, oil pumps, Christmas tree, drill bits, drill pipe and casing, and gas pipelines.


      One-stop technology and trade service:

      ? Reliable suppliers

      ? High-quality products

      ? Efficient transportation

      ? Professional support

      ? Exceptional after-sales service

      ? Quality control

      ? Short-term export insurance


      Import and Export of Chemicals

      Methanol, ethylene glycol, sulphur, high-density polyethylene, coking coal, etc.

    • Cement Business

      The Cement Engineering Division of AVIC INTL Beijing is an expert team for domestic and overseas cement engineering projects. We provide general con-tracting services, complete equipment & spare parts supply, and associated plant services. Over the years, we have brought impressive results to customers from more than 20 countries and regions, such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Vene?zuela, Turkey, Malaysia, and Iran. The total contract value of projects executed or under execution has exceeds USD 1 billion. Through the integration of AVIC and KHD’s best resources, we combine European reputation and expertise with the Chinese manufacture and service efficiency, and jointly provide optimum EPC solutions. We offer value-added services with higher returns, better quality, less labor hours, and more advanced economic indicators. With improved EPC com?petitiveness, we have gained wider market recognition worldwide.
      AVIC INTL Beijing is the majority shareholder of KHD Humboldt Wedag International AG, a German company established in 1856. KHD is a market pioneer in cement and mineral technology and equipment, with leading advantage in engi-neering, R&D, and field services. It offers whole industrial chain solutions and system integration services. KHD is also a great leader in global cement tech-nology—contributing more than 400 patents and technologies, many of which are included in the building material curriculums of Chinese universities.
      KHD provides a wide range of products and services including preheater, calciner, 3-tier and 2-tier kiln, 4-channel burner, V-separator, dynamic separator, grate cooler, roller press, ball mill, SIMULEX® simulation and training system, and PYROEXPERT® and MILLEXPERT® automation system. They are applied in several thousand of cement plants from over 150 countries and regions. KHD group headquarters are located in Cologne, Germany, with customer service cen?ters in Asia Pacific, Americas, India, and Russia/CIS.

      KHD owns best-in-class technologies in energy saving and environment protection. With this unique advantage, it transfers “circular economy” and “green technology” into many traditional industries including cement, che?micals, power generation, iron and steel, metallurgy, glass and ceramics. KHD continues to provide resource-efficient and environment-friendly solutions to the Chinese market, and engage in China’s endeavor for ecological civilization.

      Plant Services

      1. NOx reduction in pyro process

      2. Steel slag grinding

      3. Alternative fuels


      EPC Contracting

      AVIC-KHD offers a full range of cement engineering services including consultancy, design, complete equipment supply, construction, installation, and full-line commissioning. Our turnkey solution is the best performance guarantee for all kinds of cement plants.

      Plant Upgrade and Modification

      AVIC-KHD provides customized solutions for plant upgrade and modification, i.e. capacity increase of pyro system, NOx reduction, alternative fuels, solid waste treatment, energy-efficient cement grinding, grate cooler modification, conversion of EPS to bag filter. Services include consultancy, engineering, equipment and material supply, and site installation.

      Spare Parts and Plant Services

      AVIC-KHD Procurement Center in China provides customized equipment for cement plants and projects. With German quality control and Chinese production, we are able to provide optimized manufacture with lower cost in every process.

      AVIC-KHD established a complete marketing and sales network in more than 50 countries and regions to provide expanded services in the later stage of project construction. We respond actively to any request from technical support to spare parts supply, to ensure a fluent operation of the target plant.

      Production and Plant Operation

      With rich industry experience, AVIC-KHD offers all kinds of plant operation and management services, i.e. commissioning, performance control, maintenance, technical guidance, and training.

      Overseas Financing

      AVIC-KHD enjoys multi-national resources and sound reputation as a cement contractor. We fully utilize our financing advantage as a Chinese state-owned enterprise and a listed company in Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Through the cooperation with third-party financial institutions, we are

      able to provide flexible financing portfolios to all customers.

      Cement & Building Materials Trading
      With many years of experience in international trading and cement engineering, AVIC INTL Beijing finds its way in cement and building material trading to serve producers and end-users worldwide. We focus on the international and domestic trading of raw materials and finished products for cement and building material industry, including cement, clinker, gravel, mineral powder, coal, etc.


    • Electromechanical EPC Business

      AVIC INTL Beijing has developed an advanced global network for the import and export of electromechanical AVIC INTL Beijing develops an advanced global network for electromechanical projects and equipment supply. We serve customers from over 20 countries and regions, in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Americas. We also establish sales and service joint ventures with well-known Chinese equipment suppliers to expand international business opportunities.

    • Industrial Park

      AVIC INTL Beijing has two industrial parks in the center of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA), namely AVIC INTERNATIONAL Beijing Plaza and AVIC INTERNATIONAL Beijing Industrial Park.

      AVIC INTERNATIONAL Beijing Plaza stands by the major avenue of the core area, with a floor area of 152,624 sqm. It is an A-Grade commercial project with standalone office buildings, complete facilities and professional property management. We have companies from high-tech industries, such as aviation and aerospace, medical research, e-commerce, and new energy vehicles. We provide an ideal workplace with comfortable environment and high-quality services.

      AVIC INTERNATIONAL Beijing Industrial Park is located at No. 16 Hongdabei Road of the BDA, adjacent to the Yizhuang Subway Line. It has a floor area of 42,464 sqm with three workshops, one management office building, one comprehensive office building and other facilities. It currently serves more than 40 companies in the area.

    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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