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    AVIC INTL Beijing Held May Fourth Commendation Conference


    AVIC INTL Beijing held May Fourth Commendation conference on April 28 to commend the outstanding members and teams of Youth League in 2020-2021, and also held a conversazione for them with the company top leaders.  The company Party Committee Secretary Mr. Gong Jiayan, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Mr. Hua Da, Chief Accountant Mr. Wu Xiaodong, Deputy Chief Economist Mr. Xiang Heng,, Managing Director of Party Building and Discipline Inspection and Audit Department Ms. Yuan Yuan and partial young employees under age 35 attended the conference.

    Firstly, the secretary of the company’s Youth League Committee Mr. Qiu Jian summarized the performance of the 2020-2021 Youth League Committee and reported the future working ideas and main solutions. The company Youth League Committee has been always adhering to the company’s Party Committee, and strengthening construction of talents teams, providing talents guarantee for the company development, and providing ideological support for the growth of youth employees.  The Youth League Committee will continue to implement the “5811” working system of AVIC Group Company, enhance organization building and ideological leadership, and establish a platform to promote growth of young employees.

    Secondly, the award ceremony was performed. Yuan Yuan, the Managing Director of the Party Building and Discipline Inspection and Audit Department, declared the company’s "Decision about Commending Outstanding Youths and teams for 2020-2021", and the company top leaders presented certificates and trophies to the commended outstanding young employees, League members, League cadres and youth shock brigades.

    The Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Mr. Hua expressed in his speech that the company attaches great importance to the training of young employees and also has great expectations on them.  In the company’s critical period of reform and development, all young employees shall aim for the highest, stand on solid ground, strengthen the minds, struggle hard amid difficulties, improve capability and competence to take on heavy responsibilities bravely, and grow up altogether with the company.

    Tang Yunge, Sun Bocheng and Xia Wei as representatives to make speeches on behalf of all awarded members. Based on their practical business works and combined with their own experiences, they provided advices and inspirations to youth employees especially those new comers. Hu Yue represented new employees to share her fresh working experience after her joining in the company.

    After listening to the speeches of four young employees, the Chief Accountant Mr. Wu pointed out that young employees shall find suitable growing paths for themselves, cultivate good working habits, improve internal and external learning and innovation capabilities, and also strengthen the sense of discipline.

    Finally, the company Party Committee Secretary Mr. Gong emphasized that the company shall constantly focus on national policies, seize the moments and follow the trend of technological development.  Mr. Gong puts forward three expectations on young employees: First of all, taking job responsibilities bravely, always put yourself in others' shoes, and stand together with the company. Secondly, having objective comment on yourself and always pay attention to others’ comments. Thirdly, taking full advantages of the company mentorship systems with good questions, and grow up quickly to work independently as earlier as possible.

    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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