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    AVIC INTL Beijing held 2020 Annual Commendation Gala


    In the afternoon of January 15, 2021, AVIC INTL Beijing held the 2020 Annual Commendation Gala with a theme of “Leaders and followers share the same goal and achieve the goal without interruption”.

    Under the epidemic situation, AVIC INTL Beijing strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control requirements, and held the conference by combining online and offline methods. At the main venue, relevant leaders of AVIC INTL headquarters, members of AVIC INTL Beijing’s board of directors and supervisors, as well as general manager and above of AVIC INTL Beijing and some employee representatives attended the gala. The conference?was hosted by Wu Weidong, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and Vice President of AVIC INTL Beijing.

    Firstly, Wu Xiaodong, CFO of AVIC INTL Beijing, made a financial work report. He introduced in detail the financial operation in 2020 and the financial work plan in 2021. Hua Da, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of AVIC INTL Beijing, made a summary report on the operation of 2020 on behalf of the company, and made arrangements for key tasks in 2021.

    Subsequently, the company's 2020 awards ceremony was held. Relevant leaders of AVIC INTL and AVIC INTL Beijing issued trophies and certificates to the commended Best Teams, Best Project Teams, Outstanding Employee, Best Collaboration Award and Chairman's Award in anti-epidemic.

    After that, Mr. Gong Jiayan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of AVIC INTL Beijing delivered a speech entitled “Leaders and followers share the same goal and achieve the goal without interruption”. Mr. Gong reviewed the contributions made by various business departments, functional departments and overseas agencies to the company under the epidemic. Mr. Gong praised and affirmed the above one by one. Mr. Gong called on all the cadres and employees of the company to share the same goals from superior to subordinate, achieve the goal without interruption, keep working, work hard in order to fully complete the KPI in year 2021, and make a good start for the “The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan”.

    Next, Jiao Yan, General Counsel of AVIC INTL and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of AVIC INTL Beijing, Li Bin, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of AVIC INTL, delivered speeches respectively. They congratulated AVIC INTL Beijing for her achievements and hoped to continue to keep working hard and achieve better results.

    Finally, Liu Jun, Vice President of AVIC INTL, delivered an important speech. Mr. Liu first announced the good news that AVIC INTL Beijing had achieved top rankings in the 2020 AVIC INTL performance appraisal. Mr. Liu fully affirmed AVIC INTL Beijing's operating results from business perspective, management perspective and strategic perspective. He emphasized that he hopes that AVIC INTL Beijing will uphold the core values of the company and under the guidance of the correct strategy, do a good job in business management and risk control. He expects the company's leadership team to unite and lead all the cadres and employees of AVIC INTL Beijing to work together and strive to make new contributions to the company's sustainable and healthy development.

    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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