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    AVIC INTL Beijing Company Held National Flag Raising Ceremony at AVIC INTL Plaza


    At 9 o'clock in the morning on October 9, AVIC INTL Beijing Company jointly with AVIC Jinwang and AVIC Property Management held a national flag raising ceremony at AVIC INTL Plaza to celebrate 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The company President and Deputy Party Secretary Mr. Da Hua presided the ceremony.

    When the flag-raising ceremony began, bright and brave flag guards escorted the bright five-star red flag and the company flag into the square. Accompanied by the clangorous national anthem, bright five-star red flag raised up gradually, and every comrade at the square saluted with eyes to the national flag meanwhile with cherishing infinite love and lofty respect to the motherland. Afterwards, all the staff sang the company song and the flags fluttered in the wind.

    After the flag raising ceremony, the company Chairman and Party Secretary Mr. Jiayan Gong and Shi Dalong, the Party Secretary and Chairman of AVIC Jinwang delivered their speeches respectively.

    President Shi pointed out that under leadership of great Communist Party of China, Chinese people are united together and determined to forge ahead. Our nation changed from poverty and weak to peace and prosperity, and we have been constantly shocking the world with continuous miracles, and continuously marching forward to the China dream of realizing the nation great rejuvenation. At the beginning of this year, COVID-19 pandemic broke out and AVIC Jinwang was entrusted with a tough mission at the critical moment. Starting from the third day of Chinese New Year holidays, under the "7×24" working model, his team has successfully created the AVIC internal office network platform within 10 days to meet the needs of 200,000 colleagues from more than 360 units to remote work from home, which has provided strong support for the aviation industry and affiliated companies to carry out remote office work. Mr. Weiwu Zhao, the chief technology officer, won the group's third-class medal of anti-pandemic. Mr. Shi emphasized that, with rapid development of his company, various challenges have also gradually increased. To face the core military business, firstly they will continue to strengthen the party building and continuously improve the party's unified leadership system and mechanism, strengthen corporate culture propaganda and implement to establish correct values, sort out development strategies, clarify business models, and strengthen the introduction and training of talents to create a team with high-quality talents.

    In President Gong’s speech, he pointed out that China's fighting against the pandemic has fully demonstrated Chinese spirits, Chinese powers and Chinese responsibility. Under leadership of the Communist Party of China, we must unite more closely, carry forward the great anti-pandemic spirits, and march forward courageously to the China dream of great nation rejuvenation! Mr. Gong said that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great impact on the company overseas business, but by the unremitting efforts of all our colleagues, we have achieved remarkable achievements in domestic cement engineering projects and cement trade business, and the import business has broken through the traditional model of "buy one, sell one", and made active attempts in integration of industrial chains and high value-added sales, and all business departments have worked aggressively to achieve positive results, also strengthen risk control, accelerate the reorganization of aviation city assets, reduce the "two capitals" to ensure stable cash flow and strive to reduce debt. We built up consensus with unite and hard work for establishing the company’s "14th Five-Year" development plan so as to set a clear direction for the future development. Mr. Gong emphasized that all cadres and employees of the company shall continue to actively respond to new situations, new challenges and new tasks with an enterprising spirit, strive to complete the company annual KPI and tasks and jointly create our own new glory!

    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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