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    AVIC INTL Beijing Reports the Company’s “14th Five-Year Plan” to AVIC INTL Headquarters


    In the morning of August 25th, the leaders of AVIC INTL Headquarters came to Yizhuang AVIC INTL Plaza to listen to reports of the company’s “14thFive-Year Plan”. Mr. Weixuan Lai, President of AVIC INTL, Zhiyuan Xiao and Mier Wei, members of Fourth Office of Board of Supervisors of the Group Company as well as Directors of AVIC INTL, Baozhong Cheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of AVIC INTL, and Fangxing Fu, CFO of AVIC INTL and other leaders participated in the seminar, which was chaired by Jun Liu, Vice President of AVIC INTL.


    The company’s Party Secretary and Chairman Jiayan Gong, President Da Hua, Chief Accountant Xiaodong Wu, Vice presidents Weidong Wu, Jingnan Yang, Jincheng Wang and HR Director Chun Wang have attended the seminar. Mr. Gong firstly reviewed the formulation and implementation of the company’s  “13thFive-Year Plan” , and made reflections and summaries. Then he gave a systematic and detailed introduction about the company’s "14thFive-Year Plan”. Combining with BSM model, he emphatically analyzed strategic space, business model space and symbiosis space of the cement industry, and proposed development strategies, mission objectives and specific implementation measures for the next five years.


    At the seminar, leaders of AVIC INTL including Director Zhiyuan Xiao, Supervisor Mier Wei, AVIC International Planning and Development Director Zhibiao Zhang, Financial Management Director Bin Li , Vice HR director Liwei Zhang, Operation Management Department Deputy Director Zhanglin Xiao, International Business Development and Management Department Deputy Director Xiaohong Chen affirmed the contents of the "14thFive-Year Plan" of the AVIC INTL Beijing and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions.



    President Lai gave full affirmation and high evaluation for the “14thFive-Year Plan” of AVIC INTL Beijing. Mr. Lai pointed out that in the late period of the “13thFive-Year Plan”, especially after Mr. Gong’s taking-over, AVIC INTL Beijing had achieved team unity, consolidated consensus, strengthened strategic determination, clarified work ideas, determined business direction, and found solutions to overcome difficulties. The logic of the company’s “14thFive-Year Plan” is clear and the Headquarters of AVIC INTL has full confidence on development of AVIC INTL Beijing. Mr. Lai also emphasized that AVIC INTL Beijing shall pay more attention to the interests of all parties of electronic platform business symbiosis and find value growth points of its own, and shall fully understand the markets and establish risk prevention and control mechanisms for bulk trades business, and shall pay more attention to the improvement of KHD management ability and team stability in later stage on the basis of previous rectification measures already taken in early stage. Regarding Aviation City, shall actively revitalize and reduce debt. Mr. Lai gave high expectations to AVIC INTL Beijing and hope the company could accomplish a steady and healthy development during the coming "14thFive-Year Plan" period.


    As summary of the meeting, VP Liu pointed out that, after repeated rounds of discussions internally, the "14th Five-Year Plan" of AVIC INTL Beijing now has clear thinking and pragmatic contents. It can be seen that the company has more confident in its future reform and development. The next step is to further enrich and improve the company’s "14th Five-Year Plan" in accordance with the opinions putting forward by the leaders so as to make the Plan can be really implemented on ground. It is needed for all employees of AVIC INTL Beijing to continuously carry forward the company’s good traditions and styles to strive to achieve the work goals and tasks of the "14th Five-Year Plan" by uniting and working altogether.



    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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