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    AVIC INTL Beijing Company held Reception and Enrolling Training for Year 2020 New Employees


    On August 18th, the reception and enrolling training for year 2020 new employees of AVIC-INTL Beijing was held in the company's 12th floor Multifunctional Hall. The company Chairman Jiayan Gong, President Da Hua, Chief Accountant Xiaodong Wu, and Vice Presidents Weidong Wu, Jingnan Yang, Jincheng Wang and partial directors attended the reception.

    Chairman Jiayan Gong delivered a welcome speech. Mr. Gong introduced the company basic situations and future development directions during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Combined with the company's corporate culture, he puts forward ardent expectations to the new employees: he expects new employees can integrate into the company as earlier as possible, and behave in good faith and maintain study motivation to undertake job responsibilities actively. Chairman Gong hopes new employees shall finish mentality transformation from school to society as soon as possible, and learn more from their tutors to make career plans with cautious working attitude.

    Since June 2019, AVIC-INTL Beijing has hired total 14 new employees, including 7 fresh graduates and 7 on-the-job recruiters. Graduates graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, University of International Business and Economics, Wuhan University of Technology, Pace University (USA) and Erasmus University Rotterdam etc. well-known universities in China and abroad. The joining of these 14 new employees will inject new blood into the company's talent teams and add new impetus to the company's professional development as well.

    Human Resource and Overseas Branch Department organized an induction training for new employees from August 18th to 20th, and the company President Da Hua has offered first lesson to the new employees. President Hua firstly introduced the company’s organizational structure and historical evolution, and then the company's business situation respectively. Finally, President Hua announced the company’s "14th Five-Year Plan" strategic goals to the new employees.

    Liu Yang, Managing Director of Administration Department, introduced her department’s work structures and key tasks in the second half of this year. Then Jianfei Zhang, Guichun Wang,? Wenshuo Sun, Ning Li, and Sheng Xu of the Administration Department gave detailed explanations about administrative hospitality, documentation management, information management, dispatching abroad and production safety based on their respective job responsibilities.

    Chun Wang, Director of Human Resource and Overseas Branch Department, gave a general overview about work responsibilities of her Department. Then Jia Ma, Qian Wang, Feifei Sun and Shen Wang from Human Resource and Overseas Branch Department introduced working process and systems about recruitment, performance appraisal, labor relations and attendance, training, job promotion, salary and benefits to the new employees. Jingmeng Tan gave an introduction about layout of overseas branches and business conditions and personnel composition of each branch.

    Jie Tang, assistant manager of Financial Management Department, explained financial management regulations on behalf of the department. Firstly, he introduced the department's responsibilities and division of labour at post. Subsequently, combining with his financial knowledge, he explained the company's financial management process with details to the new employees.

    After three days comprehensive and detailed trainings, new employees have expressed that they have a preliminary understanding about the company's rules and regulations. In order to start their new works as earlier as possible and handle work affairs correctly, also integrate into the company culture, the new employees shall keep studying the company's regulations and professional knowledge in the future.

    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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