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    AVIC INTL Beijing Company Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Light Industry International Engineering Company


    In order to further expand business channels and "friend circle",jointly develop overseas markets and build up a combine oversea working team, in the morning of August 18, AVIC INTL Beijing Co., Ltd. ("AVIC-INTL Beijing") and China Light Industry International Engineering Co., Ltd. ("China Light Industry International Engineering") has signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Yizhuang AVIC INTL Plaza, and both parties have conducted in-depth exchanges about the next steps of future cooperation. Seven representatives form China Light Industry International Engineering including Party Secretary and President Wei Liu , Vice President Guoying Wang, Executive Chief Architect Jiaxin He and Director of Chemical Engineering Department Lu Yuan paid a visit to AVIC-INTL Beijing to have in-depth discussions and exchanges.

    Party Secretary and Chairman Jiayan Gong, Vice President Jingnan Yang and Senior Advisor Wei Huang of AVIC-INTL Beijing attended the meeting. Jiaxin He, the Executive Chief Architect of China Light Industry International Engineering, introduced their company's past performance, construction and chemical projects and food salinization business. Then Wei Liu, the President of China Light Industry International Engineering, has introduced the company's overall situation.

    Chairman Gong extended a warm welcome to Mr. Liu and his delegation. Firstly he reviewed previous good cooperation between two companies in the process of new and old industrial parks designs, project construction and development. Mr. Gong pointed out that there is good cooperation history and foundation between two parties, and AVIC-INTL Beijing has obvious advantages in overseas channels, and China Light Industry International Engineering has strong technical strength. There will be broad cooperation opportunities and potentials in the light industry field after two parties conduct strategic cooperation based on each party’s strengths and advantages. Subsequently, Vice President Jingnan Yang introduced development history and business sectors of AVIC-INTL Beijing, particularly the latest development of domestic cement projects in this year.

    President Liu said that he is well familiar with good cooperation between two companies in the past. ?He pointed out that rely on design talent advantages of China Light Industry International Engineering Company and oversea-channel advantages of AVIC-INTL Beijing, two parties will definitely achieve closer cooperation in more fields in both domestic and foreign markets by signing the strategic cooperation agreements and establishing a normal communication mechanism.

    Finally, two companies signed the strategic cooperation agreement, which laid a solid foundation for two parties to further expand mutual cooperation. The Director of? Complete Project DepartmentⅠQiong Yan and Director of Complete Project DepartmentⅥ Yang? Wang have attended the meeting.

    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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