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    The Youth League Committee of AVIC INTL Beijing held May 4th Youth Day’s "Various Youth" Online Live Event


    On the afternoon of April 28th, the Youth League Committee of AVIC INTL Beijing organized an online live event of "Various Youth" May 4thYouth Festival. Nearly 60 employees gathered in the webcast room. The company leaders Mr. Gong and Mr. Hua were also invited to attend this event.

    This live broadcast took May 4th Youth Day as an opportunity to share and discuss impact and changes of pandemic on life and work, also positive energy stories during the pandemic.At the beginning, the Communist Youth League and aviation knowledge contest warmed up the webcast room, and everyoneactivelyattend for the contest.Then, Zhang Tianai and Zhou Jiaojiao shared their cooking foods and spiritual reading materials during their self-quarantine at home, also shared their happy time with their loved “baby monsters” at home.In the live webcast room, Chen Mo, who is still workinginthe frontline of producing medical supplies, and Wu Xuxin, who has just returned from abroad but is still on a business trip, they both shared many unknown experiences and stories about personal growth, strengthen, gratitude, laughter and tears.

    At the event end, the company leaders Mr. Gong and Mr. Hua joined the live webcast room to interact with young employees.Mr. Gong firstly expressed gratitude to the company's outstanding colleagues in fighting against the pandemic and also shared their stories. He pointed out that during the pandemic, the company Youth League Committee organized young employees online to exchange experiences and gains of fighting pandemic, which is a very good activity.To response many raised questions, Mr. Gong introduced the overall global pandemic situation as well as the company's current business operations to young employees, and called on everyone to work together to actively take action so as to reduce the impact of pandemic on the company's business to the minimum.Finally he emphasized that youth are active in thinking and optimistic in action, and he hopes that everyone can withstand the battle of the pandemic, innovate work ideas, actively explore new business forms and make new contributions for the company's reform and development.

    ? 2013 AVIC International Beijing Company Limited

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